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One-on-one Tutoring

Tackle difficult homework problems and review course concepts in a one-hour session with a specially trained tutor. All students have been granted 25 hours of free tutoring and the option to request additional sessions as needed.

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Tutored Courses

ACC 310F: Foundations of Accounting
ACC 311: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACC 312: Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting

AST 301: An Introduction to Astronomy for Non-Science Majors
AST 307: Introductory Astronomy

BCH 339F: Foundations of Biochemistry
BCH 369: Fundamentals of Biochemistry

BIO 301L: Molecules to Organisms
BIO 301M: Ecology, Evolution, and Society
BIO 311C: Introductory Biology I
BIO 311D: Introductory Biology II
BIO 315H: Advanced Intro to Genetics – Honors
BIO 320: Cell Biology
BIO 325: Genetics

CH 128K: Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 128L: Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 204: Introduction to Chemical Practice
CH 220C: Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 301: Principles of Chemistry I
CH 302: Principles of Chemistry II
CH 304K: Chemistry in Context I
CH 305: Chemistry in Context II
CH 320M: Organic Chemistry I
CH 320N: Organic Chemistry II
CH 328M: Organic Chemistry I
CH 328N: Organic Chemistry II

Computer Science
CS 302: Computer Fluency
CS 303E: Elements of Computers/Programming
CS 311: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
CS 312: Introduction to Programming
CS 313E: Elements of Software Design
CS 314: Data Structures

Conversational English

ECO 301: Intro to Economics
ECO 304K: Intro to Microeconomics
ECO 304L: Intro to Macroeconomics
ECO 329: Economics Statistics
ECO 420K: Microeconomic Theory

Engineering Mechanics
E M 306: Statics

FIN 320F: Foundations of Finance
FIN 357: Business Finance

FR 601C: Beginning French
FR 611C: Intermediate French

Management Information Systems
MIS 301: Introduction to Information Technology Management

M 302: Introduction to Mathematics
M 305G: Elementary Functions and Coordinate Geometry
M 316K: Foundations of Arithmetic
M 316L: Foundations of Geometry, Statistics, and Probability
M 325K: Discrete Mathematics
M 340L: Matrices and Matrix Computations
M 408C: Differential and Integral Calculus
M 408D: Sequential, Series, and Multivariable Calculus
M 408K: Differential Calculus
M 408L: Integral Calculus
M 408M: Multivariable Calculus
M 408N: Differential Calculus for Science
M 408R: Calculus for Biologists
M 408S: Integral Calculus Science
M 427J: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
M 427L: Advanced Calculus for Applications

Physical Science
P S 303: Intro to Physical Science I
P S 304: Intro to Physical Science II

PHY 101L: Lab for Physics 301
PHY 102M: Lab for Physics 302K
PHY 102N: S/B Lab for Physics 302L
PHY 103M: Lab for Physics 303K
PHY 103N: Lab for Physics 303L
PHY 116L: Lab for Physics 316
PHY 117M: Lab for Physics 317K
PHY 117N: Lab for Physics 317L
PHY 301: Mechanics
PHY 302K: General Physics – Tech Crs-Mech/Heat/Sound
PHY 302L: General Physics – Elec/Light/Nuc
PHY 303K: Engineering Physics I
PHY 303L: Engineering Physics II
PHY 309L: Elementary Physics for Nontechnical students
PHY 316: Electricity and Magnetism
PHY 317K: General Physics I
PHY 317L: General Physics II

SPN 601D: Introductory Spanish
SPN 610D: Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 611D: Intermediate Spanish II

SDS 301:Elementary Statistical Methods
SDS 306: Statistics in Market Analysis
SDS 321: Intro to Probability and Statistics
SDS 328M: Biostatistics
STA 309: Elementary Business Statistics