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One-to-one Tutoring

Schedule a one-hour tutoring session with a trained tutor, who will help you understand concepts or principles underlying questions or problems covered in the course for which you are seeking assistance. All students receive 50 tutoring credits at the start of the semester and can request additional credits. Each credit can be used to schedule a one-hour session with a tutor.

Spring 2022 Update: All one-to-one tutoring is currently being conducted online via Zoom through January 30. Learn more about online tutoring and make an appointment through MyUGS.

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Tutored Courses

ACC 310F: Foundations of Accounting
ACC 311: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
ACC 312: Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting

AST 301: An Introduction to Astronomy for Non-Science Majors
AST 307: Introductory Astronomy

BCH 339F: Foundations of Biochemistry
BCH 369: Fundamentals of Biochemistry

BIO 301L: Molecules to Organisms
BIO 301M: Ecology, Evolution, and Society
BIO 311C: Introductory Biology I
BIO 311D: Introductory Biology II
BIO 315H: Advanced Intro to Genetics – Honors
BIO 320: Cell Biology
BIO 325: Genetics


CH 128K Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 128L Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 204 Introduction to Chemical Practice
CH 220C Organic Chemistry Lab
CH 301 Principles of Chemistry I
CH 302 Principles of Chemistry II
CH 301N Chemistry in Our World I
CH 320M Organic Chemistry I
CH 320N Organic Chemistry II
CH 328M Organic Chemistry I

Computer Science
CS 302: Computer Fluency
CS 303E: Elements of Computers/Programming
CS 311: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
CS 312: Introduction to Programming
CS 313E: Elements of Software Design
CS 314: Data Structures

Conversational English

ECO 301: Intro to Economics
ECO 304K: Intro to Microeconomics
ECO 304L: Intro to Macroeconomics
ECO 329: Economics Statistics
ECO 420K: Microeconomic Theory

Engineering Mechanics
E M 306: Statics
E M: Mechanics of Solids

FR 601C: Beginning French
FR 611C: Intermediate French

Management Information Systems
MIS 301: Introduction to Information Technology Management

M 302: Introduction to Mathematics
M 305G: Elementary Functions and Coordinate Geometry
M 408C: Differential and Integral Calculus
M 408D: Sequential, Series, and Multivariable Calculus
M 408K: Differential Calculus
M 408L: Integral Calculus
M 408M: Multivariable Calculus
M 408N: Differential Calculus for Science
M 408Q: Differential/Integral Calculus for Business
M 408R: Calculus for Biologists
M 408S: Integral Calculus Science
M 316K: Foundations of Arithmetic
M 316L: Foundations of Geometry, Statistics, and Probability
M 325K: Discrete Mathematics
M 340L: Matrices and Matrix Computations
M 362K: Probablility I
M 427J: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
M 427L: Advanced Calculus for Applications

Physical Science
P S 303: Intro to Physical Science I
P S 304: Intro to Physical Science II

PHY 301: Mechanics
PHY 101L: Lab for Physics 301
PHY 302K: General Physics – Tech Crs-Mech/Heat/Sound
PHY 102M: Lab for Physics 302K
PHY 302L: General Physics – Elec/Light/Nuc
PHY 102N: S/B Lab for Physics 302L
PHY 303K: Engineering Physics I
PHY 103M: Lab for Physics 303K
PHY 303L: Engineering Physics II
PHY 103N: Lab for Physics 303L
PHY 309L: Elementary Physics for Nontechnical students
PHY 315: Wave Motion and Optics
PHY 115L: Lab for Physics 315
PHY 316: Electricity and Magnetism
PHY 116L: Lab for Physics 316
PHY 317K: General Physics I
PHY 117M: Lab for Physics 317K
PHY 317L: General Physics II
PHY 117N: Lab for Physics 317L


SPN 601D First-Year Spanish I
SPN 610D First-Year Spanish II
SPN 311 Second-Year Spanish


SDS 301 Elementary Statistical Methods
SDS 302 Data Analysis for the Health Sciences
SDS 320E Elements of Statistics
SDS 321 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
SDS 322E Elements of Data Science

STA 301 Introduction to Data Science
STA 309 Elementary Business Statistics