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Fall 2021 Update

Supplemental Instruction sessions will be conducted remotely via Zoom at least through Sept. 17. Find information about the dates, times and accessing the SI Session on your course’s Canvas page.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides weekly study sessions, led by SI Leaders, to help you with the course material and skills to succeed. You are invited to attend one of two identical, voluntary SI sessions each week at any point in the semester. Please check your course’s Canvas page to view session times.

SI leaders plan collaborative activities and you should expect to actively participate, working together with your peers and SI leaders to discover and construct knowledge and understanding in a relaxed and engaging setting. Students who regularly attend SI sessions typically score a half to a full letter grade higher than those who don’t!

American Studies

AMS 310/HIS 315G: Introduction to American Studies, Professor Chhun

AMS 310/HIS 315G: Introduction to American Studies, Professor Gutterman


BIO 311C: Introduction to Biology, All Professors
Canvas Self-Enrollment Link


CH 301: Principles of Chemistry I, Professors Anderson, Biberdorf, and Sparks


CC 301: Introduction to Ancient Greece, Professor Gulizio

CC 302: WB: Introduction to Ancient Rome, Professor Taylor

Computer Science

CS 303E: Elements of Computers and Programming, Professors Young and Beasley

CS 312: Introduction to Programming, Professor John

CS 314: Data Structures, Professor Scott


ECO 304K: Introduction to Microeconomics, Professors Mateer, Acciardo, and Brandl

ECO 304L: Introduction to Macroeconomics, Professor Sadler

ECO 329: Economic Statistics, Professor Abrevaya

Electrical Engineering

EE 302: Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Professors Yu, Wasserman, Incorvia, Hanson, and Lu

EE 306: Introduction to Computing Systems, Professor Telang

EE 307E: Elements of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor Telang

EE 319K: Introduction to Embedded Systems, Professor Valvano


HIS 315K: The United States, 1492-1865, Professor Kamil

HIS 315L: The United States Since 1865, Professor Ozanne

HIS 317L: Era of American Revolution, Professor Olwell