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Request a Workshop

Sanger Learning Center provides a variety of interactive workshops for UT Austin students. Our trained undergraduate Outreach and Communication Specialists facilitate these workshops. Staff members are available upon request. We also host a number of workshops throughout the semester. Visit our events calendar for dates and times.

Please help us by requesting your workshop at least two weeks in advance and ensuring there will be at least 8 students in attendance. Workshops are fulfilled based on presenter availability. You will receive a confirmation email once a presenter has been assigned to your presentation. If you have questions, please email us or call 512-471-3614.

Request a Workshop


  • Time and Procrastination (45-50 minutes): Learn how to manage time effectively and successfully accomplish tasks.
  • Study Smarter, Not Harder (45-50 minutes): Learn new study strategies to help you study more effectively.
  • Public Speaking (50 minutes): Learn how to present confidently by analyzing your audience, preparing strategically, and rehearsing effectively.
  • Reading for College (45-50 minutes): Learn strategies on how to become more efficient and effective in your college reading.
  • Winning Finals (45-50 minutes): Learn how to manage your time, study strategically, and stay healthy as you reach the academic finish line!
  • Sanger Services Overview in your classroom (15-30 minutes): Learn about the many services Sanger Learning Center provides to students and how your group or class can make the best use of them.
  • Sanger Learning Center Tour (15-30 minutes): Take a tour of the Sanger Learning Center and learn about the many services Sanger Learning Center provides to students.
  • Public Speaking Center Overview (10 minutes-15 minutes): Hear from a speech consultant about what students can expect when they visit the Public Speaking Center.