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Public Speaking Center

Take advantage of academic support for public speaking assignments. The Sanger Learning Center and the School of Undergraduate Studies have partnered with the UT Libraries to provide this free service for all UT students.

The Public Speaking Center is located in the Perry Castaneda Library Learning Commons, Rooms 2.402A and 2.402B and is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

The Concept

At the Public Speaking Center, you will spend an hour working with one of our trained student speech consultants to craft your message and delivery tailored to your audience and occasion.

The Sanger Center’s student speech consultants are trained to assist you as you prepare speaker notes, outlines, manuscripts, PowerPoint slides, or other visual media. Or rehearse your speech, presentation, or class discussion and receive feedback on content along with your vocal and nonverbal delivery.

How the Center Works

The Public Speaking Center in the PCL

Schedule an appointment online or visit us at the Computer Help Desk.

The Public Speaking Center is conveniently located in the Perry Castaneda Library’s Learning Commons, near resources to support your writing and research questions.

Consultations are a collaboration between you, your presentation group, and the student speech consultant. Come prepared with an idea of what you or your co-presenters want to accomplish and come early to leave yourself time to incorporate suggestions.

We can help improve your public speaking skills best when you have a speech or speaking assignment. Practicing your speech will help make you feel confident and reduce your anxiety. Talking to one of our peer educators about your speech anxiety probably won’t. If you are generally feeling anxious and would like to consult a professional, visit UT’s Counseling and Mental Health Center.

The Benefits

The ability to communicate your ideas out loud to an audience has been tied to success in your university years and beyond. Improve your speaking confidence by preparing for an upcoming speaking assignment in your class or university-affiliated group.