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Job Opportunities at the Sanger Learning Center

Be part of our team! You’ll have the opportunity to earn money and gain valuable work experience while helping other students. Most positions offer flexible work hours and opportunities to work remotely. Plus, you can combine more than one Sanger position for up to 19 hours per week.

Please note: If hired, you will be required to complete the federal Employment Eligibility Verification form, I-9.

Peer-Led Undergraduate Study Peer Coordinator

Hours: Eight hours per week
Starting rate: $14/hour
Requirements: Enrolled in at least 12 credit hours
Applications are open until early December, and positions will fill as suitable candidates are found. Apply here.
Contact: Dr. Elliot Lopez-Finn,

A Peer-Led Undergraduate Study (PLUS) Peer Coordinator (PC) is an undergraduate student who manages the coordination of PLUS study groups. PCs mentor a team of facilitators (select students currently enrolled in the PLUS-supported course) to create successful study group experiences.

Specifically, PCs:

  • Recruit, select, supervise, and evaluate a team of approximately 3-15 study group facilitators
  • Lead weekly planning meetings with the facilitators and professor
  • Create and improve upon study group agendas
  • Observe facilitators during study groups (twice over the course of the semester) and provide written and verbal
  • Maintain ongoing communication with the PLUS coordinator, professor, facilitators, and students in the course

Qualified applicants are full-time UT students who have successfully completed the PLUS-supported course. Preference will be given to students who have served as a PLUS facilitator in the past.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders (Multiple disciplines)

Hours: 10 hours per week (six hours per week for BIO)
Starting rate: $14/hour
Requirements: Any full-time UT Austin student who has taken all of the prerequisite courses
Preferences: Students who have received at least a B in the course they support (see here for a list of currently SI-supported courses).

Applications open in late October.

A Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader is an undergraduate student who is assigned to a specific course and facilitates two to three identical 50-minute sessions a week. SI Leaders (except biology) attend the lecture of the course to which they are assigned, plan and conduct their sessions using collaborative activities to combine course content with effective study strategies, and meet weekly as a group to collaborate on planning and troubleshooting their sessions. Qualified applicants can be any full-time UT student who has taken all of the prerequisites and preferences are given to those who have received at least a B in the course they support (see here for a list of currently SI-supported courses).

SI leaders work approximately 10 hours per week: three hours of attending class, two hours of planning sessions, two to three hours of facilitating identical SI sessions (depending on the course), one hour of a weekly cohort meeting, and one hour of administrative tasks.

The Supplemental Instruction program is dedicated to being an inclusive and equitable program, so we highly encourage students who have experienced struggle (academic or otherwise) to apply. This position and the program value those who can provide compassionate facilitation and leadership to their peers.