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Consider the following questions as you prepare for your poster presentation.

  1. What will be expected and required of you at the presentation?
    • What is a poster session?
    • What is expected of participants?
    • When is the poster session?
    • Where is the poster session?
    • How will you prepare and print your poster?
    • Why are you participating?
  2. Who will be the target audience for your research project? How would you describe it to
    • a general, non-scholarly audience?
    • a scholar from a different field?
    • a scholar from your field?
  3. What do you hope to accomplish with your poster presentation? Are you trying to
    • inform your audience?
    • persuade your audience?
    • establish yourself as a reputable researcher?
    • All of the above?

Keep the answers to these questions in mind throughout the poster-making process. This will help you make decisions about what information is most important for your poster, what you will include and emphasize, and what you will possibly leave out.

Developed in collaboration with the UT Writing Center.