Undergraduate Research

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Research Guidelines

Once you and a faculty member have made plans to work on a research project, you may need to orient yourself toward some of the logistical, ethical, and safety issues that go into conducting research.

Benefits and Models
Read about the educational, professional, and personal benefits of doing research as an undergraduate. See some of the resources available to students for finding research opportunities. Find out about the different models for getting involved with research, whether at UT or beyond, during the school year or the summer.

Research ethics concerns the fair and ethical treatment of the parties involved in research, including human subjects, animals, and other researchers. Researchers working with animal or human subjects must complete the appropriate ethics training module before beginning their project.

Research integrity relates to the trustworthiness of research. By maintaining your research’s integrity, you can ensure that you are truly “creating knowledge.”

Safety Training
In addition to being familiar with research ethics and integrity, researchers in some disciplines will need to complete safety training modules before handling lab equipment or research materials.

Intellectual Property
In research projects where new intellectual property is created, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with university policies on intellectual property and technology transfer.

Research in the arts and humanities
Even if you’re not in a discipline that does field or lab research, there are many ways to get involved in research in the humanities, or to engage in creative activity in the arts. Find out more about these forms of research and creative activity.

Faculty Mentoring and Expectations
All undergraduate research projects at The University of Texas at Austin have a faculty sponsor, supervisor, or mentor. Learn more about mentors and their expectations to make the most of this resource.

Presenting Your Work
Learn about the ways you can share your research with an audience through oral or poster presentations at events.

Students seeking to publish their research can refer to our list of undergraduate-oriented research journals.