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UT Research Programs

Academic and research units
If you’re looking to narrow down your research interests and identify a field of study that appeals to you, the main university list of colleges, schools, departments and other academic units can help you find a program.

The Office of the Vice President for Research provides a list of research units, and also highlights the ongoing work at UT’s research centers.

Campus-wide programs
Students in any college can participate in the Bridging Disciplines Programs, a set of 15 different interdisciplinary certificate programs for undergraduates. BDPs allow you to develop an interdisciplinary specialization that complements your major and combines coursework, internships, and research experiences. BDP advisors can help you identify research experiences and connect you with a faculty mentor.

The McNair Scholars Program seeks to train a new generation of researchers with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. The program provides participants with many research-related resources, including mentorship about preparing for graduate school, research and travel funding, and the Summer Research Institute.

The Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate School Internship program connects undergraduates with senior figures in their field of study, who provide mentorship and projects relating to research.

The Office of the Dean of Students coordinates the OUR UT program. Students selected for this program conduct research on issues that are central to the mission of the university.

Discipline-specific programs
The University of Texas at Austin is home to a variety of programs that focus on helping undergraduates find research opportunities within specific fields of study.

Student organizations
Several student organizations around campus provide opportunities for students with similar interests to discuss their work and promote involvement in undergraduate research.

SURGe is a student organization that facilitates and promotes undergraduate research, helps students network with faculty and other student researchers, and hosts lab tours, faculty research talks, workshops, poster sessions, socials and more. SURGe meets Fridays from 4-5 p.m. in PAI 2.48, and is open to students of all majors. Many of SURGe’s events and resources are of particular interest to students in the College of Natural Sciences, which supports the group.

The Senate of College Councils works to advocate for student research on campus in a variety of ways, including co-sponsorship of Research Week.

The dozens of other research-oriented student groups at UT maintain up-to-date contact information at Hornslink.

Research support

The Office of Research Support provides information about research training and ethics, particularly with respect to biosafety and human and animal research.

Research Units that Work with Undergraduates

The following is an incomplete list of research units that have been open to working with undergraduate researchers in the past:








Liberal Arts

Natural Sciences

Social Work