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Independent Inquiry Flag

Courses that carry the Independent Inquiry Flag are generally upper-division or capstone-style courses that challenge students to integrate skills and knowledge they have acquired over the course of their undergraduate careers. Students use these skills and expertise to create something new and contribute meaningfully to their discipline.

For a class at UT to satisfy the Independent Inquiry Flag, it must meet the following definition:

  • At least one-third of the course grade must be based on the students’ independent investigation and presentation of their own work. The presentation of their work can take place in many venues including presentations in a capstone course, a performance, independent research, or a thesis.

What is an Independent Inquiry Flag class like?

Independent Inquiry courses are taught in departments in almost every discipline, primarily at the upper-division level when students have already taken many classes in their field and are ready to produce something of their own. For example, an Independent Inquiry class might have you curate and present an exhibit showcasing your work, develop an integrated communications plan for a real client, work with your engineering design team to solve an Austin traffic problem, or design and execute scientific research. In all disciplines, these are process-based classes. Their focus is the process of discovery and creation in that field, at a professional or near-professional level.