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Course Schedulers

Departmental and college course schedulers play an important role in the implementation of the core curriculum and flagged courses. In addition to scheduling core courses offered within the departments, schedulers typically help their departments manage the process of getting Flags applied to their courses by

  • Notifying faculty of Flag proposal deadlines and procedures
  • Ensuring that faculty have accurate course numbers, topic numbers, and titles when they propose a course for a Flag
  • Notifying the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags (CSEF) when course numbers change or new topic numbers are created so the courses can continue to be flagged under the new numbers
  • Checking that Flags are being accurately applied as course sections are created during the original and chair’s proof phases
  • Notifying the CSEF if the department does not want an approved Flag applied to a given section in a given semester

Upcoming Deadlines

The deadline for courses to be flagged Summer and Fall 2016 is December 16, 2016.

College and Department Administrators and Staff Access

Department chairs, course schedulers, and others who need to view the status of proposals for an entire college, school, or department may also use the Flag proposal system to get a snapshot of all proposals in their area. For authorization to view proposals for a particular unit, please email us at ugs-flags@austin.utexas.edu with your request, providing your name, EID, and the department, school, or college for which you are seeking authorization.

If you have questions, or suggestions for additional resources, please contact the CSEF at 512-471-5949 or ugs-flags@austin.utexas.edu.