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Advisors play a key role in communicating the significance of the Skills & Experience Flags to students. The Center for the Skills & Experience Flags offers support to advisors to prepare them to

  • Inform students about Flag requirements and criteria
  • Help students identify flagged courses that fit into their degree plans
  • Guide students through the Flag petition process


Courses Students May Petition for Flag Credit

  • Study abroad courses
  • University Extension courses
  • In-residence courses taken for a letter grade
  • Transfer courses from other colleges or universities taken for a letter grade

Courses Not Eligible for Flag Credit

  • Dual credit courses (courses taken prior to high school graduation)
  • Credit-by-exam courses, including courses for which you received AP credit
  • Any course of less than three weeks (fewer than 21 days)
  • Pass/Fail courses
  • RHE 306 (WR flag)
  • UGS 303 (WR flag)


The first deadline for courses to be flagged Spring 2018 is April 11 2017. Please see our deadline page for more information.


To contact the Flags Advisor, Shannon Rose please call 512-232-4711. For access to the Flag Proposal System and all other Flag-related questions, please email the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags Advising Office or call us at 512-471-5949.