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Celebrating Ten Years of Flags: Curriculum Development Awards

The Center for the Skills & Experience Flags is celebrating ten years of enhancing undergraduate education at The University of Texas at Austin. We are pleased to announce an open competition for awards of up to $3000 in course development funds to support instructors in creating a new course or enhancing an existing course to carry one or more Flags. Proposals will be evaluated on the integration of the Flag with course content and the extent to which courses will incorporate innovative pedagogical strategies for teaching Flag content or skills. Preference will be given to courses that are critical for progress to graduation. Courses receiving awards must be taught at least three times with the relevant Flag(s).

Submission Guidelines

All interested instructors should complete the online course development award application and any appropriate Flag proposal(s) by Aug. 12, 2019. In addition, a brief letter of support from the department chair should be sent to curriculum specialist Brooke Rich via email. The letter should verify that the instructor has the department’s support to teach the proposed course at least three times.

Complete the online application form here.

Complete Flag proposals here.

Award Structure

$3000 in faculty development funds (i.e. travel, books, research expenses, technology costs, etc.) will be awarded to instructors developing new courses to carry a Flag, and $1000 to instructors adding a Flag to an existing course. Funds will be transferred to the instructor’s department to be administered.