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James Hall

James Hall
Graduation Year:
May 2019
"The most rewarding part of my jobs is see the impact you have on the students in real time."

What has been the most rewarding part about working at the Sanger Center?
The most rewarding part of my jobs is see the impact you have on the students in real time. You can really tell how much you are able to help the person and it always brightens my day to see someone walk away feeling more confident about their class or their study habits.

What has been the most surprising aspect of your job?
The most surprising part of my job is probably how natural it was for me to step into this tutorial role. I never realized that helping others in classes was preparing me for a tutoring job in the future!

Tell us about a time you worked with a student (or group of students) and were particularly proud of the outcome. What happened? Why was it special?
My proudest moment did not happen during a session, but rather running into a student I tutored semi-regularly in a previous semester. The student came up to me and thanked me for everything I did for them because they were able to get a B in their class; they attributed their success to our sessions together! My heart was so full from having such a positive affect on someone.

What do you think is the biggest myth about learning/studying in college?
The biggest myth about studying is that cramming or all-nighters are a fix-all solution. They do not help as much as you anticipate them to. If you merely plan your studying well in advance of your test (I typically say at least two weeks before), then you will be able to retain much more information than if you pull an all-nighter.

Tell us about an academic challenge you encountered when you got to UT. How did you handle it? What advice would you give to someone in that same situation?
My biggest struggle when I first came to UT was time management. I didn’t know how to budget my time for studying so I ended up cramming in information at the last minute. My advice to those in the same situation would be to set aside blocks of time for studying/doing homework; vary your time throughout the day so that you can figure out what times you work best.