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Research Showdown Winners Announced

Six undergraduate researchers were recognized for their research communication skills in the final round of the first Texas Student Research Showdown on Nov. 12. A live audience, including a panel of faculty and student judges, heard six-minute presentations on topics ranging from 3D printing to the use of animation to teach patients about medical imaging techniques.

The six finalists qualified for the event with creative, attention-grabbing videos. UT students voted online to determine the finalists from an initial pool of 15.

First place
Sanjai wins Showdown
Sanjai Bashyam, electrical engineering junior

Sanjai’s project is centered on the Innovation Station, a 3D printing vending machine that provides free access to 3D printing to all students and faculty at UT Austin.

Watch The Innovation Station: A 3D printing vending machine

Second place (tie)

Ashley C. Rivera, sociology senior and Media, Culture & Identities BDP student

Ashley’s project is an ethnographic investigation of the role of drumming and music in the revitalization process of Garifuna culture on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

Watch Discovering meaning: Drumming and Garifuna identity

Tarale Murry, accounting senior, McNair Scholar, Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) pre-grad intern, and IE Kuhn Scholar

Tarale created a “movie trailer” that introduces the key relationships studied in his research project.

Watch The relationship between basketball, Christianity, and hip-hop on the influence of black male adolescent identity development

Third place (tie)

Julia Chernis, biochemistry senior and Digital Arts & Media BDP student

Julia created a short educational animation that explains the scientific principles of magnetic resonance imaging and demonstrates why it is a completely safe procedure.

Watch MRI: How it works and why it is safe

Nicole Gloris, nursing junior, Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) pre-grad intern, and IE Kuhn Scholar

Nicole’s project assesses how nutritional behaviors of those with multiple sclerosis relate to their quality of life and secondary disabilities.

Watch How does the nutritional behavior of Texans with multiple sclerosis relate to their quality of life and secondary disabilities?

Honorable mention

Ryan Ladd, advertising junior

Ryan’s project analyzes the city of Austin by diving into the stories of local citizens and picking apart what gives Austin its character.

Watch Deconstructing the origin and modern meaning of the slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’ and its effect on organizational identity in Austin, Texas