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EUREKA Debuts New Features

Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the launch of an updated EUREKA, a database that connects students with faculty research mentors and one of the numerous research experiences available at The University of Texas at Austin. Updates include usability improvements, new features, and design updates.

The site now features a sidebar that lists recently posted projects so that students can quickly locate opportunities added since their last visit. Students can browse by faculty name, department, and research unit, or search by tags and keywords in each faculty and project profile. The updates improve user experience for faculty and students, and will make it easier for even more undergraduates to engage in research.

Faculty members using EUREKA can now assign specific closing dates for each project posting or elect to have the research opportunity open indefinitely. In addition, there is now more room to provide specific information about student research positions such as duties and qualifications. Faculty members are now able to include contact information, another feature new to EUREKA.

EUREKA was created by the School of Undergraduate Studies in collaboration with the College of Natural Sciences, the Cockrell School of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of the Vice President and Provost, and the Center for Teaching and Learning. The School of Undergraduate Studies worked with ITS Applications on the new version of the site.

Any questions about EUREKA or undergraduate research at UT Austin should be directed to OUR at uresearch@austin.utexas.edu or (512) 471-5949.