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New Digs for First-Year Experience & Advising Center

There will be much less trekking around campus for busy UGS students. As of mid-October, students can go to FAC 338, to:

  • remove registration bars
  • get assistance in picking courses
  • talk to an advisor about choosing a major
  • get help thinking about career paths
  • get answers and advice in navigating UT’s policies
  • add UGS 302 and 303 classes
  • check in with FIG staff

These services were available to students before the move, but we hope that by grouping them together, busy students will be able to simplify their advising and registration processes.

About Programs

The Center for Strategic Advising staff helps undergraduates develop educational in the context of their developing interests and plans. Students enrolled in UGS can come here to explore possible paths through college to careers, as well as receive routine college advising.

The First-year Experience is made up of the First-year Interest Groups (FIGs) and the Signature Courses. FIGs are a group of up to 25 students who share two to four courses in their first semester. With the help of peer mentors and professional facilitators, students share new living and learning experiences. Signature Courses are UGS 302 and 303 classes. Required of all entering first-year students, the courses allow first-semester students to explore interdisciplinary topics while developing college-level research, writing, speaking, and discussion skills.