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Honors Colloquium wraps up

The 587 rising high-school seniors who attended Honors Colloquium departed on Saturday after taking classes, touring the university, and getting a taste of college life.

The three-day recruitment event, which attracts top high-school students from around the state, introduces participants to the world-class resources and opportunities that will be available to them at this university.


“I really enjoyed the first lecture I went to (Congress: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly). The lecture was really informative and at the same time entertaining. The professor was really great, and I liked that the students could participate….”

Students attend three classes led by some of UT’s finest faculty. In addition to the lecture and two small class sessions, participants also choose between various tours and information sessions designed to give them a head start on exploring possible interests and majors at UT. Each college and school offers a luncheon that allows students to gain more in-depth information about applying to specific programs.

Mentors & Cohorts

“…one of the best things about the Honors Colloquium was the Student Mentors, who were…helpful and eager to give advice. They were easy to reach and talk to, and gave a firsthand perspective to my questions.”

Mentors serve as guides for participating students during their time at Colloquium, helping students in their assigned cohorts adjust to the residence halls, finding their way around campus, and addressing any concerns that come up. This year, 81 current UT Austin students participated in the mentor program, along with 32 staff members.

Residential Life

“I loved how I got a real experience of college life at UT. It helped me get a real feel of how life would be if I attended the school. I also enjoyed how easy it was to meet new people!”

Students stay in dorm rooms in Jester Center along with other members of their cohort and mentors. A game night helps participants meet other students with similar interests.