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FIG facilitators win five Vick Awards

The awards, which are student-nominated and student selected, recognize individuals whose advising and personal relationships with students have had an effective & positive influence on the lives and educational experience of students.

FIG facilitators are typically advisors, student affairs professionals, or other individuals on campus who work with a group of 25 first-year students taking 2-4 classes together. Along with a student peer mentor, facilitators provide personal and academic support to the group, keep in touch with issues and concerns that first year students may face, and provide first-year students with an immediate connection to knowledge about campus resources.

Dalia Rehal, FIG program coordinator, commented that “these individuals are truly an asset to our program. It’s an honor to have extremely talented advisors working with first-year students, helping them transition into UT. We could not run our program well without such fabulous, dedicated individuals who care about our students.”

If you are interested in becoming a FIG coordinator please contact the FIG office.

Each recipient will receive a certificate and a check for $500 funded through the President’s Office.

Susan Brown: Academic Advisor III, College of Natural Sciences
Jeff Hallock: Academic Advisor II, Cockrell School of Engineering
Richard Hogeda: Academic Advisor III, College of Education
Lovelys Powell: Academic Advisor III, Red McCombs School of Business
Veronica Vasquez: Academic Advisor II, Cockrell School of Engineering

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