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BDP alum named Intern Teacher of the Year

Amir Boroujerdi, a Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDP) graduate, was named one of two National Intern Teachers of the Year for his work as a secondary-level Spanish teacher.

Amir teaches at Woodrow Wilson High School, part of the Dallas Independent School District. He focused on the Children and Society strand for his BDP, and hopes to start a non-profit film organization devoted to raising awareness about social justice issues.

The teachers of the year are named by the National Association of Alternative Certification. Angela Craft also received the award. Both teachers participated in the 2007-2008 Alternative Certification program sponsored by the Dallas Independent School District and are currently certified teachers for the State of Texas

The Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDPs) at The University of Texas at Austin allow undergraduates to earn an interdisciplinary certificate through a course of study that integrates classroom, research, and internship experiences.

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