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Why Participate?

Students Say…

When I finished this book The Book Thief, I reread it because I didn’t want it to be over.

For me, it was a wonderful experience! It was great to get to know people who I had something in common with—we were all drawn to the same book, and all for different reasons.

I think we’ve been talking the power of words—read, written, and spoken—words used to obtain power, abuse, and prohibit…but also to connect, heal, and remember.

Professors Say…

I’m thrilled to participate in the Reading Roundup program again this summer. It is always one of the highlights of my teaching year!
Dr. Keith Brown led a session on Graham Green’s The Quiet American.

I always think it can’t get better and yet, I think it does. …we faculty got to meet some brilliant first-year students who read closely and with joy.
Dr. Nancy Roser led a session on Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief.

Another delightful crowd… all were bright, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to meet.
Dr. Robert Duke led a session on Harry Frankfurt’s On Bullshit.

I had 27 quite enthusiastic and fully participatory young people eager to delve into Russian dystopia! I thoroughly enjoyed it….
Dr. Thomas Garza led a session on Evgeny Zamyatin’s We.

At the end of the period, none of them seemed ready to conclude so I suggested getting together again two weeks later to check in on after their first two weeks of college…we did meet again and all 5 of them came. As we were wrapping up, some of the students remarked that they had been nervous about starting college but after our Round-Up discussion they were looking forward to their classes starting the following day.
Chiu-Mi Lai chose Paisley Rekdal’s The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee: Observations on Not Fitting In.