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About the Meetings

When: The day before fall classes begin
Where: classrooms all over campus

The day before fall classes begin, professors and first-year student meet all over campus to talk about books they read over the summer. This is an opportunity to read a great book, meet an outstanding faculty member, and get acquainted with a small group of fellow first-year students. Come to your Reading Round-Up meeting prepared for lively discussion. Expect an informal and relaxed atmosphere—you will not be grilled about details or put on the spot.

What does the professor expect of you? Only that you read the book, arrive on time, participate as much as possible, and stay for the entire discussion. Be sure to check out a campus map to look up the building where your discussion is meeting. Give yourself plenty of time to find the building and the room before the session begins.

We hope you’ll come away from the Round-Up with a glimmer of what this university is about—a place where ideas abound, inquiry is encouraged, and discoveries—both large and small—happen every day.

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