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College of Natural Sciences

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Neda Azadi
Public Health
Houston, TX • Junior

Resources you used in deciding your major: Advising at the Vick Center, career counseling, Wayfinder
Why did you choose your major? I chose to be a public health major because I love how it is continuously relevant in society. I enjoy the healthy mix of social and biological sciences and I like how the field has a lot of options for career choices. I’m passionate about promoting and maintaining the health of the public because I believe it’s necessary for a successful working country.

Ethan Roy Ethan Roy
Mathematics | French

Resources you used in deciding your major: When deciding my major I relied heavily on the Vick’s Center for advising, and Wayfinder to research all the different degrees. I also attended internal transfer information sessions to get an idea of the application process.
Why did you choose your major? I chose math as I’ve always been interested in numbers and how they work. I had a great experience in my first couple of math classes at UT and the upper-division classes in the degree plan really interested me. I chose French as I really like the language and the classes have been a nice change of pace from all the math heavy material in my other classes.

Yangxinyu Xie Yangxinyu Xie
Computer Science
Shaoyang, China • Senior

Resources you used in deciding your major: With the help of the Office of Undergraduate Research, I was involved in a few research projects during my freshman year. Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time going to professors’ office hours. These experiences allow me to talk a lot with professors about different majors and my interests. During the application process, my advisors from the Vick Center helped me considerably with my essays.
Why did you choose your major? I chose computer science because I love discrete mathematics and the various applications of combinatorics in theoretical computer science are very interesting to me! Studying theoretical computer science at UT is a great opportunity to me because UT has a very strong theory group that allows me to take part in independent reading and research with prestigious faculty members in this field.