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Please include the UGS logo and your area’s logo on everything distributed to an audience outside of Undergraduate Studies staff. You must show a proof of everything with any logos to UGS communications staff before printing. The logos below are low-resolution, so ask us for a version that will look great on your project!

If you’re looking for a UT wordmark, they’re available for download online.

How to Use

You must use the circle and text of the logo together, as pictured below, as a single logo. You may use the circle part of the logo as a decorative element in a design, but this does not replace the logo: you must also use the full logo (circle and text together) somewhere on the design.

  • Do not separate the text from the circle
  • Do not use just the words or just the circle part of the logo
  • Do not change the size proportions of one part of the logo (i.e. resize the circle without resizing the text the same amount)
  • Do not move the circle and the text closer together or further apart
  • Do not use the logo as a title