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Design & Communications Guide

You are required to show a sample of every piece of promotional material to the UGS Communications team before you print, allowing enough time to make changes if necessary.

We follow UGS design standards on every piece of material that represents Undergraduate Studies to an audience outside of UGS staff. This includes using only the approved font combinations, color palette, and appropriate logos on every printed or emailed item that comes out of your office. Templates for Word, InDesign, and Powerpoint are also available for your use.

Please review our step-by-step guide to the design process.

Design Standards

Please use the UGS color palette, fonts, and logo on every piece of material that represents your office or what you do, and is intended for an outside audience. This includes posters, postcards, brochures, t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, and any other object or piece of paper that anyone outside of Undergraduate Studies will see. Also include the UT Austin wordmark (vector files available for download).


For titles, Century Gothic or Myriad Pro. For body copy, we use Palatino for print or screen, or for a good sans serif (best for on-screen reading), try Gill Sans. Here is a great introduction to typography. And a good primer on typeface combinations is here.

Trademarks & Licensing

The university requires us to submit all of our designs to the Trademarks & Licensing office. T-shirts and other non-paper items with the UT Austin word mark must be approved before they are printed. Submit the Students & Internal Requests form with a design to trademarks@athletics.utexas.edu. Please allow five business days. Find out more about trademark policy.

Photo Release Form

The university has a standard Talent Release Form. If you are taking photos or videos of students, you should ask them to sign this. The form documents a subject’s agreement to let you record him or her, and also approves the use, exhibition, or distribution of the photos or video. It will clarify the fact that they are giving you permission to use the images on future promotional materials or a website, for example.