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Assessment Information

What does “assessment” mean? Simply put, the School of Undergraduate Studies wants to hear from you, the Signature Course student. Your feedback helps us learn how the course is impacting your first-year experience and how we can improve the course for future students. We will contact you during the semester to request your participation for various assessment projects:

Mid-Semester Student Survey

Around mid-semester, you will receive a link to the survey via email. We will ask you about your Signature Course experience up to the midway point in the semester. Your responses are anonymous. We’ll ask you for your instructor’s name so we can send each instructor his or her own results directly, which allows the instructor to make course improvements for the remainder of the semester. Your honest, constructive feedback can help improve the course for you, your fellow students, and the instructor.

Course Instructor Survey (CIS)

You will be asked to complete a Course Instructor Survey for your Signature Course and all your other courses. You will receive this survey either on paper or online.

Focus Groups

We will hold three to four focus groups with Signature Course students. We will have a conversation about your experience in the course, asking about your skill development in writing and oral communication, your interaction with your instructor and your classmates, your exploration of UT campus resources, and so on. Your reflections help us improve the course design and implementation. Focus group participation is voluntary and all responses are confidential.

We hope you will help us in our efforts to improve the Signature Course program. We value your suggestions, recommendations, and reflections. You may contact UGS assessment with any questions or concerns by contacting the assessment team.