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UGS Town Hall

Updated: read the Daily Texan’s account of the town hall.

The Undergraduate Studies Council hosted its November Town Meeting, open to all all UGS students. Dean Paul Woodruff began the meeting with a brief talk about the state of the school, and what the future holds for Undergraduate Studies. Then students took the floor for a discussion centered around tuition, the internal transfer process, and advising. Students were able to address their concerns or comments directly to Dean Woodruff and Associate Dean Larry Abraham.

Truc Nguyen, financial director of the UGS council, said Wednesday’s forum was the best one the council has hosted so far, especially since the turnout was one of the largest it’s had. The Undergraduate Studies Council represents current and former UGS students, as well as participants in UGS programs. The Council meets every Wednesday at 5 pm in FAC 328.

Please contact UGSC president Natalie Arevalo with questions.