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Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government

In the interest of educating thoughtful and responsible leaders, the Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government BDP brings together resources from across campus to allow students to explore law, politics and government through the lens of leadership ethics. Topics may include leadership, civic participation, public policy, and social change. Through the Connecting Experiences component of the BDP, you may work with community and professional organizations or bring your interdisciplinary expertise to faculty research.

For a complete list of courses and requirements, download the Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government BDP curriculum sheet (PDF).


With 19 credit hours of coursework and Connecting Experiences, students may earn a BDP certificate in Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government.

Courses counting toward a BDP in Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government may also satisfy core, major, and elective requirements in a student’s degree plan. With planning, the BDP should not add time to students’ UT careers, but instead helps students choose the courses they already have to take in an integrated way.

Foundation Courses [4-7 hours]

  • Forum Seminar
  • Additional Foundation Course

Courses in a Strand [6-9 hours]

Students should work with their BDP advisor to choose strand courses that will focus the BDP on specific interests, and that will provide an interdisciplinary perspective. In order to create an interdisciplinary experience, students must choose courses from a variety of disciplines. Students in this certificate program must complete at least one strand course designated as focusing on social justice issues.

Connecting Experiences [6-9 hours]

BDP advisors assist students in finding meaningful connecting research and/or internship experiences related to Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government. For examples of Connecting Experiences Ethics & Leadership students have completed in the past, read these Connecting Experience spotlights.

Integration Essay

Students write a 3-4 page essay written at the end of the BDP experience, drawing together the different pieces of the BDP.

Faculty Panel

An interdisciplinary faculty panel guides students in choosing courses and identifying research and internship experiences that allow them to connect the challenges of ethical leadership to their majors and career goals.