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Overview of BDP Courses

BDP 101 Forum Seminars are foundation courses for the different BDPs, and they introduce students to the key concepts, methodologies, and questions related to the topic. Forum Seminars allow students to sample a range of approaches to contemporary social and intellectual issues. They feature weekly discussions with faculty from a variety of departments across UT, so Forum Seminars are a perfect way to explore potential majors and learn about interesting classes.

  • BDP 101 courses are one-credit courses that meet for two hours a week during the first eight weeks of the semester.
  • BDP 101 courses are open to any freshman or sophomore at UT, or to students in the Bridging Disciplines Programs.
  • BDP 101 courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis.
  • BDP 101 courses do not satisfy a substantial writing component requirement.
  • To enroll in a BDP 101 course, you may register during your regular registration period. If you need assistance, contact the BDP office at 512-232-7564.
  • See our Current Courses page for descriptions of the BDP 101 Forum Seminars offered this semester.

Other Courses Offered Through the Bridging Disciplines Programs

In addition to the BDP 101 Forum Seminars, we offer various other courses where lectures focus on contemporary issues with an emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives and critical discourse. These courses may satisfy requirements for one or more of the BDPs, and they also may be used as electives for many degree plans.