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Children & Society

The Children & Society BDP offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplinary approaches to the psychology and development of children and the social forces that impact them. The Children & Society BDP is designed to complement a range of majors and to prepare students for careers in fields such as advocacy, health care, research, public policy, and teaching.

Students may focus their BDP work on one of eight strands

  • Adolescence
  • Children and the Family
  • Children and Health
  • Children, Media, and the Arts
  • Children and Public Policy
  • Early Childhood Intervention
  • Education, Language, and Literacy
  • Intervention and Vulnerable Children

To learn more about each strand, download the Children & Society Strand Descriptions (PDF).

An interdisciplinary faculty panel guides students in choosing courses and identifying connecting research and internship experiences that allow them to explore children’s issues as they relate to their majors and career goals.

Prospective student and current student advising for the Children & Society BDP.

Requirements for the Children & Society BDP