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Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies

The Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies BDP offers students the opportunity to both study and promote conflict resolution in interpersonal, institutional, societal, and global contexts. Students in this program will explore the causes and consequences of various forms of violence, as well as the conditions of peace. In exploring peaceful alternatives to violence, they will learn to understand peace as a multifaceted vision for transformed human relations. In addition to gaining a more sophisticated understanding of peace and conflict, students will also learn about and practice skills necessary for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Students may focus their work in at least two of the following categories

  • Global Conflict Resolution
  • Institutional Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
  • Societal Conflict Resolution

An interdisciplinary faculty panel guides students in choosing courses and identifying connecting research and internship experiences that allow them to explore issues related to conflict resolution and peace as they relate to their majors and career goals.

Prospective student and current student advising for the Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies BDP.

Requirements for the Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies BDP