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Assessment Results

Assessment efforts in the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) seek to understand how our programs promote student learning and effective teaching. We emphasize using results to initiate program improvement by providing assessment data that are timely, specific, and relevant to a variety of audiences, including faculty, staff, students, campus leaders, and accrediting organizations.

Annual Infographics
Each year, UGS prepares infographics highlighting the population served, services offered, and outcomes of these programs, activities, and services. The infographics display information by academic year, and in some instances will incorporate comparison or longitudinal data. Annual Infographics may be accessed via Box.

UGS prepares program reports documenting assessment activities and outcomes. The reports present findings from single assessments as well as longitudinal initiatives. Select program reports may be accessed via Box.

Assessment Plans and Logic Models
We use assessment plans and logic models to plan and document the assessment cycles. To monitor our progress toward assessment goals, measurable outcomes are identified and monitored over the assessment cycle. Assessment plans and logic models may be accessed via Box.

For questions, contact UGS Director of Assessment and Professional Development, Dr. Jennifer Nailos.

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Annual Infographics

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Assessment Plans & Logic Models