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TSI Courses

Students who fail to meet the minimum passing standards of an approved test are required to enroll in a course designed to strengthen skills in reading, writing, and/or math. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements in one or more sections of the TSI Assessment will work with the TSI Advisor to choose one of the following two Developmental Course plans:

Semester-Long Developmental Courses

Under this plan, students take a 3-hour semester-long course to prepare them to succeed in their credit-bearing courses. The benefit of enrolling in UGS 309 is that you will have more frequent meetings with your class to better prepare you and you will have the opportunity to practice these skills more often than you will in the NCBO.

Non-Course Based Options

Students take a required core course and meet with a TSI Instructor each week to support them in the core class and to improve critical skills. The benefit of enrolling in the NCBO is that you will be enrolled in a class that counts toward your degree while still getting assistance outside of the scheduled class times.

Students will meet individually with the TSI Advisor to decide which course is best suited to their individual needs. Registration for these courses occurs during the advising session. Students are restricted from registering for certain college-level courses until their TSI requirements are met.