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Callie Hacker

Callie Hacker
Theatre and Dance
Business Foundations Certificate
Graduation Year:
Spring 2015
"It’s amazing how powerful positivity and hope are. If you take time to look around, you notice that despite all of these problems you’re facing, the world still turns, the sun always rises, and tomorrow is a brand new day. So have hope. You may not know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, that’s okay."

Finding a Major
I viewed UGS as a stepping stone from the beginning. At first I wanted to get out of there as immediately as possible but in hindsight I realize how much of a home UGS was to me. I had the opportunity to try everything and find myself instead of latching onto a major that sounded like it would fit me. I have made all my current friends thanks to my time in UGS, from beginning in a First-year Interest Group (FIG) to mentoring two FIGs later to claiming and bonding with my UGS professors, it’s completely impacted my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I came to UT wanting to be an accountant but then calculus happened and I became very lost. UGS then became a haven of sorts for me. I was with people who also didn’t know what they wanted to do and we bonded over that. I fell in love with the FIG program and became a mentor and through FIG found the UT Madrigals (now Creative Arts and Theatre). After auditioning for their 2012 musical, I realized I always belonged in theatre and immediately claimed my major. I would not have done so without the friends I made in UGS and FIG.

What are some of the difficulties of your major? What is rewarding about it?
Theatre has always been a dream of mine and now I have the privilege of making that dream a reality. It’s extremely difficult with the heavy competition and lack of job security, but I know how to manage my time, approach each of my roles, audition properly and, more importantly, appreciate new art. There is a stigma about a life in the arts, but you can create your own art just like anyone else. Some of the best actors and actresses are people who aren’t celebrities and who are happy in their lives and craft. I want to be one of those people and I know I can be thanks to what I’ve learned at UT.

Have you completed any internships or or outside-of-class work?
Although I didn’t major in accounting, I maintain a genuine interest in accounting and found the Business Foundations Program, which has also greatly impacted my life. I did the Texas Business Foundations Summer Institute my sophomore year of college and loved it so much that I now work for them and will be a teaching assistant my second summer this year.

Plans after graduation
I plan to stick around Austin for at least a year to save up money and move out of state to pursue a career in performance.

Can you talk about something valuable that you have learned throughout college?
College is about finding yourself. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You can plan and plan and plan out everything in your life to the finest detail, but you cannot depend on life to follow accordingly. Change is the only thing you can depend on happening in life and college is the perfect opportunity to start acclimating to it. “No matter what, you’ll be okay. It’s all going to be okay,” that’s my mantra.