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Information for Transfer Students

While students cannot externally transfer into the School of Undergraduate Studies, UGS does offer several services to students who have transferred elsewhere into The University of Texas at Austin. These services include Transfer-Year Interest Groups, the Transfer-Year Experience, Core and Flag petitions, academic advising, and career counseling.

If you attended another four-year college or university or a junior/community college and then applied for transfer admission to The University of Texas at Austin, you are considered an external transfer student. Transfer students should complete or consider all the items listed on the New Students page to prepare for their first semester at UT Austin.

Attend UT Orientation

Attending orientation will help you get acclimated to campus; you will meet with an academic advisor, learn about campus resources, and register for your classes with assistance from advisors.

Visit the New Student Services web site for orientation dates and registration information.

Check your Registration Information Sheet

Before you come on campus, please access your Registration Information Sheet to check for any bars that may prevent you from registering for classes. Your advising bar will be cleared when you meet with your academic advisor at orientation.