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Research Careers

Use the following resources to gain knowledge about your career fields of interest, such as job description, salary, required educational background, job outlook, and work environment.

Career Resource Library

The career library in JES A115 contains over 600 books on specific careers and majors, self-assessment, internships, graduate school planning, and job search strategies. Examples of books include Creative Careers, Is There An Engineer Inside You?, What Can You Do With A Major In Biology, and 101 Careers In Counseling. In addition to books, the library offers handouts on majors, careers, internships, and graduate school planning. The library is a reading room and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Online Resources

These websites include information about many different career fields.

Generally, you can expect the web content maintained by reputable professional organizations to be reliable. The Professional Association Directory provides links to professional associations organized by industry and career field. Professional association websites usually have a career information section or resources for students.

Informational Interview

An informational interview is a conversation with a professional who can give you information about an organization, a field of work, or a particular job that interests you. Our informational interviewing page can give you tips for setting up an interview, developing a list of questions to ask, and following up with a thank you note.

Information Literacy

When researching your fields of interest online or at the library, it’s important to understand what makes some sources more reliable than others. University of Texas Libraries offers a series of information literacy tutorials, including one on how to evaluate websites.