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Finding Opportunties

Personal Contacts: Start talking to your family, friends, and professors and let them know that you are looking for an internship. Be sure to share the kind of organization you are interested in, the type of skills you hope to gain, and what your abilities are. Most internship and job opportunities are found through personal contacts and networking.

Create your own experience: Keep in mind that some internships haven’t been created yet, so all it takes is a conversation or a professional email to get the ball rolling.

College Career Services Offices Each college at UT Austin has a career service office that offers internship resources for their students. Visit your CSO to learn more.

RecruitUT The University of Texas at Austin has a job and internship database for current students and alumni which contains multiple local, state, national, and international opportunities in a variety of fields.

EUREKA If you’re looking to enhance your experience as a researcher, EUREKA can connect you with opportunities to work with a faculty mentor, apply what you have learned in classes to hands-on-experiences, and sharpen your problem-solving skills.

The Volunteer and Service Learning Center This is your connection to volunteer experiences through UT Austin. Employers often consider volunteering as valuable an experience as an internship.

Career Counseling Library Resources: Various internship publications and employer directories are available in our Resource Library. These directories provide information about employers in many locations and industries. Come to our office in JES A115 to browse these resources.