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Planning Resources

On-Campus Resources

  • Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence
    Provides graduate school planning assistance through programs such as Achieving College Excellence and the McNair Scholars.
  • Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Grad School Internship
    Curious about graduate school? Earn one, two, or three hours of academic credit by working with a graduate student mentor to learn about the culture of graduate study in a particular discipline. Internships are designed by students, enabling them to discover the value of and make informed choices about advanced study.
  • Career Services Offices
    Each college has its own career services office (CSO) that can advise you on career-related matters. Liberal Arts, Communication, Natural Science, and Business CSOs have pre-law advisors. The Natural Science CSO has graduate planning services for their students.
  • Health Professions Office
    Helps with planning for health-related professions.
  • Sanger Learning Center
    Offers GRE prep workshops and GRE content overviews by appointment.
    Database of undergraduate research opportunities on campus.
  • Bridging Disciplines Program
    Take courses related to your interest area to enhance your coursework and application.

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