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Prepare for an Interview

After you submit your application, the graduate program might contact you to arrange for a phone or in-person interview. If you wish to schedule a mock interview with a CSA&CC counselor, call 512-232-8400 or come by JES A115.

To prepare for the mock interview, review this list of possible interview questions. As you read these questions, note which questions are difficult for you to address. Think critically about your responses; you want to sound prepared, but not rehearsed. Prepare a handful of questions regarding the program. Your questions should address the program, faculty research interests, and student placement.

Before your graduate school interview, you may want to contact the department and inquire about appropriate attire. Focus on a neat, well-groomed appearance. Know the exact time and place of the interview, where to park, estimated travel time in traffic, and the interviewer’s full name and correct pronunciation. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the interview. Have a professional, courteous, and friendly attitude throughout the interview process. Every person you encounter could give feedback to the admissions committee.

Most importantly, be yourself! Your goal is to determine if this program is a good match for your personality, learning style, and research interests.