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For Users of the University's former Credentials Service

The University transferred all active credentials files to Interfolio in 2010. We notified all users with active files of this transfer. Active files include files that were opened or renewed within the past two years. If you had an active Credentials file with the former Career Exploration Center and you were not notified about Interfolio, then it is likely that we did not have your updated contact information.
Our credentials service policy provided that we would keep files for ten years once they became inactive (i.e. not renewed every two years). After ten years of inactivity, all copies of your file have been or will be destroyed. Inactive files were not transferred to Interfolio.

If your file has been inactive for less than six years and you choose to pay for an Interfolio membership, you can call us to discuss how to transfer the contents of your file to the site. If you believe you are eligible for a reimbursement or you would like to discuss an inactive file, you can contact Alison Devlin.