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Take Career Assessments

The Vick Center offers two assessments to help you know more about yourself, generate career ideas, or confirm options you may have been considering. These career assessments may also be helpful in choosing an academic major.

Meet with a career counselor to discuss how a career assessment might assist you in your decision-making process. Your career counselor will authorize you to take the assessments online and give you instructions regarding payment and login.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Strong Interest Inventory $40
These well-established assessments measure personality and interests in an in-depth manner. Results cover topics such as popular careers, possible majors, internship ideas, work tasks, work environments, and personal strengths and challenges. You must attend a 75-minute interpretation workshop before receiving your results.

Sample Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Report (PDF)
Sample Strong Interest Inventory Report (PDF)

Career assessments are a useful tool to guide you in your decision-making process. Because they cannot tell you exactly what major or career to pursue, we encourage you to follow up with your career counselor to discuss your results.