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Declare a Major

As a UGS student, you will identify a major that aligns with your interests and declare that major by internally transferring.

Internal Transfers

You will eventually need to transfer to the college or school that houses the major you choose. Learn about the internal transfer requirements of the majors and colleges in which you’re interested. While some have a relatively simple transfer process, others require applications. View the internal transfer list or use Wayfinder to learn about the processes for programs that interest you.

Although you’re allowed to spend four semesters as a UGS student, it is important to declare a major as soon as you are ready. Some advantages to declaring a major include gaining access to:

  • Restricted courses required for that major
  • Academic advising services tailored for that field of study
  • Scholarship applications associated with a college or department
  • Career services offices associated with a college or department