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If you realize you want to drop a class after the twelfth class day, you’ll need to execute a Q-drop before the Q-drop deadline, which typically occurs near the middle of the semester. See the academic calendar for exact dates.


UGS students: You will need to schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor to discuss and fill out the drop form.
Students in other colleges/schools at UT Austin: You will need to meet with an advisor in your College/School to fill out the drop form.


You will have a “Q” on your transcript as the grade in that class. Your GPA is not negatively affected by a Q, but you are only allowed six Q-drops while you are in college at any public Texas institution.

If by Q-dropping the class you will fall below 12 hours, you will be considered a part-time student. This might affect the following.

  • Your financial aid. Contact a financial aid counselor or learn more online
  • On-campus housing
  • International status (for international students only)
  • Car & medical insurance—contact your insurance provider
  • Participation in extracurricular activities (for example: fraternity/sorority)—contact the organization
  • Your academic progress (completing degree requirements, internal transfer requirements, etc.)