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Add & Drop Classes

At the beginning of each semester, you can add and drop classes without penalty. Check the academic calendar for specific dates. Refer to the General Information Catalog for all official add/drop policies and procedures.

Add Courses

Before the fourth class day (second class day in summer): Add courses using the registration system.

After the fourth class day (second class day in summer): Obtain departmental approval to add a course. Each department has different procedures regarding the next step.

Drop Courses

Consult with your academic advisor about how dropping classes might impact your academic progress, financial aid, or access to campus resources. If you drop below 12 hours, you will be considered a part-time student. If you wish to drop all of your courses after the semester begins, you must withdraw entirely from the university.

Before the 12th class day (fourth class day in summer): Drop courses on your own using the registration system.

Before the Q-drop deadline: Make an appointment to meet with your advisor to begin the Q-drop process. Learn more about Q dropping a class and the possible ramifications. You may pursue a Q drop through the deadline posted on the academic calendar.

OTE (One Time Exception) Drop

OTE is a Q drop or withdrawal after the regular deadline. Every undergraduate is allowed one OTE, whether it is used to withdraw from all classes or drop one class. An OTE drop counts as one of your six Q drops. Once it is used, you can not use it again.

Questions? Read the detailed description in the General Information Catalog and make an appointment with your advisor.

Taking a Course Pass/Fail

In order to take a course pass/fail, you must have completed 30 credit hours or more. Courses taken pass/fail will be counted as electives and cannot count toward a specific degree requirement. No more than two courses per semester may be taken pass/fail.
 If you take a class pass/fail and a grade of F is assigned, the F will affect your GPA.

During the first 12 class days (four class days in the summer), you may change your grading status via the registration system. After that date, you must meet with your advisor to have it changed. Consult the academic calendar for specific dates for the pass/fail deadline.