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The Helen and Jeff Herbert Family University Lecture Series

Designed to create a campus-wide conversation, the Helen and Jeff Herbert Family University Lecture Series gives first-year students an opportunity to interact with leading members of our faculty—scholars, scientists, and civic leaders who are nationally and internationally renowned. All students, faculty, alumni, staff, and community guests are invited, but the events will be aimed at entering first-year students. The Helen and Jeff Herbert Family University Lecture Series is made possible by a generous gift from the Herbert Family.

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Spring 2021 Virtual Events

How Self-Compassion Can Help Us to Thrive in the Midst of Challenge
Kristin Neff, Ph.D., Department of Educational Psychology
March 2, 8-9 p.m.

Self-compassion is a form of inner strength training that can help us cope with trying times. Research shows that this supportive mindset reduces depression, anxiety, and stress, increases happiness and life satisfaction, and enhances physical health. It’s also a more effective motivator than self-criticism, spurring us to achieve not because we’re unacceptable as we are, but because we care about ourselves and want to reach our full potential.

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Change the Way the Eyes See: The Eyes of Texas as a Metaphor for History, Memory, and Meaning
Richard J. Reddick, Ed.D., College of Education
March 23, 8-9 p.m.

The Eyes of Texas, the university’s 117-year-old alma mater, is nestled at the center of a moment of reflection over our institution’s history, including who has been welcomed and included, and who has not. The work of The Eyes of Texas History Committee can serve as a catalyst to thoughtfully interrogate UT’s, as well as the city, state, and nation’s, formative years, reflect on our present and chart a future that propels all forward, together. In this lecture, Dr. Reddick will share lessons and questions from the committee’s work and aim to kindle the spirit of conversation, community, and commitment to change befitting a community that espouses “what starts here changes the world.”

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Public Health versus Personal Responsibility: Reflections on a Pandemic Year
Harold W. (Bill) Kohl III, Ph.D., Department of Kinesiology and Health Education
April 21, 8-9 p.m.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live and killed more than 550,000 Americans to date. To learn from this experience and to prepare for the next pandemic, serious questions about public health and personal responsibility must be addressed. To prevent death and disease, how can a collective response (and responsibility) be balanced with an overwhelming focus on personal responsibility and independence? When does the greater good impinge upon personal “freedom?”

To view the lectures, all students, staff, and faculty must enroll in the ULS Canvas course. Enrollment will be available up until the start of each event.

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