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Transfer-Student Signature Courses

As a transfer student, you arrive on campus with college experience, but The University of Texas at Austin may be unfamiliar to you. To help you connect with transfer peers and acclimate to the level of academic rigor at UT Austin, we offer Signature Courses tailored to the transfer student experience.

New transfer students starting at UT Austin in spring 2020 will be able to register for a Transfer-Student Signature Course during their registration period at orientation.

Spring 2020 Transfer-Student Signature Courses

Transfer student only courses (UGS 302)

  • Young People and Drugs (59550)
  • Success Through Leadership (59660)
  • What We See, What We Believe (59700)

Transfer student only discussion sections within larger courses (UGS 303)

  • Dante’s Hell and Its Afterlife (59810)
  • Healer-Patient Relationship (59925 & 59935)
  • Russian Sci-Fi (60060 & 60110)
  • Sex, Love, Relationships (60140)
  • The Beatles and Beyond (60195)