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Transfer Student Leadership Summit

March 1, March 29, and April 19

The Transfer Student Leadership Summit brings together transfer student leaders from four-year colleges and universities to share their transfer experiences, identify common themes, present on transfer support initiatives, and build peer networks. Though students will lead the sessions on campus support programs, staff and faculty members are invited to co-present and network at the Summit.


The few opportunities that exist for colleges and universities to come together and discuss transfer student success are so powerful for staff and faculty members. However, students have even fewer opportunities to attend or participate in these impactful discussions. The Transfer-Year Experience (TYE) program within the School of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Texas at Austin, in partnership with the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, is excited to host a convening to help strengthen transfer support among students, staff, and faculty.

Throughout spring 2021, we hosted a series of three, 60- to 90-minute webinars to offer a fully online Transfer Summit convening. THANK YOU to everyone who participated and helped us reach a national audience this year! We heard from transfer student leaders and experts from around the country on the following topics:

  • March 1: Transfer Trends and Issues
  • March 29: Transfer Belonging, Culture, and Community
  • April 19: Transfer’s Function in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

As in previous years, we offered the Summit free of costs to the participants.

To learn more about this year’s webinar sessions, check out the 2021 schedule and our panelists and presenters.

Who Should Attend?

The Summit aims to attract students who are currently making a difference for transfer students at their campus or those who are interested in starting transfer support initiatives at their institution. Attendees should not only include transfer students but student leaders who support transfer students. Staff and faculty members from participating institutions may co-present with students and network with colleagues throughout the Summit.