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Stephanie Jeanneret

Stephanie Jeannert TYE mentor headshot
B.S. Psychology/Pre-med
"Start early, whatever your goals are."

Hometown: Houston
Institution you transferred from: UTSA (CAP)
Favorite place to study on campus: Life Sciences library at the Tower (super concentration) and NHB 5th floor (more relaxed)
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Eastside Café (Cherrywood) and Four Brothers food truck (Rainey St)
Hobbies: Zumba dance, swimming, and water skiing.
Interesting fact about yourself: I am from Bogota, Colombia and Neuchatel, Switzerland (part of the French region of the country) but was born in Mexico City, Mexico. My first two languages were Spanish and French and I learned English by moving around the US. I grew up fully immersed in both cultures and studied at French-International schools in the US before coming to UT.

Why did you become a mentor?
To teach other transfer students what I would wanted to learn and know coming in to UT. To make their transfer experience a positive and memorable one!

Piece of advice to future transfer students:
Start early, whatever your goals are. Take advantage of the many resources UT has to offer as soon as you can… but don’t forget to take your time getting adjusted to UT. Be kind to yourself!

Best college memory so far: Learning from people who are passionate about what they do, who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, and who embrace the value of diversity. These are the people who allowed me to find my passion for research in cognitive psychology and eventually for studying medicine.

Favorite thing about UT: Research, and how it taught me the value of intersecting diverse disciplines.

Favorite thing about Austin: Its liveliness all around! From walks downtown, to kayaking at Lady Bird, to “food-trucking” at Rainey St… the city definitely comes to life.

Favorite class you have taken at UT: Experimental Psychology and Organic Chemistry II.

Plans after graduation: Continue with research on brain tumors in Florida (post-bac), travel, then go to medical school.