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Sarah Higgins

Sarah Higgins TYE student headshot
Health Promotion
"Walk around like you own the place."

Hometown: College Station, Texas
Institution you transferred from: Kilgore College
Favorite place to study on campus: Life Science Library
Favorite place to eat in Austin: In front of my computer.
Hobbies: Talking, people watching, reading self-help books, quoting SNL, and eating sandwiches in my car.
Interesting fact about yourself: I was a dancer for 15 years but now I’m retired.

Why did you become a mentor?
My awesome application essays won the hearts of the TYE office.

Piece of advice to future transfer students:
Walk around like you own the place. Also, don’t ever try to print in the PCL.

Best college memory so far: The Higgins Family Takes Washington DC: Summer 2016

Favorite thing about UT: The people here get me.

Favorite thing about Austin: You can be broke and still do stuff!

Favorite class you have taken at UT: Strategic Health Communication

Plans after graduation: Have an existential crisis & then hopefully do some grad school!