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Miguel Robles

Miguel Robles TYE student headshot
Communication Studies
"Join things!"

Hometown: Houston
Institution you transferred from: San Jacinto College
Favorite place to study on campus: The CMA
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Tarka
Hobbies: Excessively stretching and learning new languages. Often at the same time.
Interesting fact about yourself: During high school, I refused to even consider UT because I hated burnt orange. It’s growing on me.

Why did you become a mentor?
I had a difficult time transitioning from my old college to a large university, so I wanted to help other students that may experience what I went through.

Piece of advice to future transfer students:
Join things. You’re not “too cool” for clubs just because you’re older and you’ve been in college before. It’s all part of the experience. And take lots of pictures!

Best college memory so far: During my first semester at UT when I worked for the Daily Texan, I went with a fellow reporter to cover a story downtown. We tried to take the bus, but realized that we were going the wrong way and ended up stranded in North Austin in the middle of the night. When we finally made it to the venue, we realized that she read the date wrong because the event was actually the next day. Now we’re best friends.

Favorite thing about UT: It’s so big; you can never stop exploring.

Favorite thing about Austin: How philanthropic it is! There are so many opportunities to volunteer for so many causes.

Favorite class you have taken at UT: Practicum in Conflict Mediation

Plans after graduation: Work for a non-profit that helps children, join Peace Corps, go to graduate school… in no specific order.