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Gaby Morgan

Gaby Morgan TYE mentor headshot
"I strongly recommend getting involved with as many things on campus as possible (without spreading yourself too thin)."

Hometown: Plano, TX
Institution you transferred from: Collin College
Favorite place to study on campus: Dies Student Center in CLA
Favorite place to eat in Austin: Madam Mam’s
Hobbies: Cooking, drawing, going to music shows, exploring Austin
Interesting fact about yourself: You will never see me so excited as when I get to buy and wear a new pair of funky socks.

Why did you become a mentor?
I became a mentor because I felt that I had amassed all this practical knowledge from my time at UT that I wanted to put to use to help others to make their time here as great as possible. It has always been important to me to help others, and after having gone through my own challenges as a transfer and working closely with other transfer students, being a TrIG mentor seemed like a natural position to take on.

Piece of advice to future transfer students:
I strongly recommend getting involved with as many things on campus as possible (without spreading yourself too thin). This can be anything from casual student organizations to working in a research lab to student government. It is a great way to get to know other people, which can be a massive help on its own in making a new school feel more welcoming, as well as to become integrated into the UT community and explore new opportunities.

Best college memory so far: Any time that meaningful conversations led to new personal connections and friendships.

Favorite thing about UT: UT does so much in the way of innovation, leadership, and involvement in the local and global community that it’s impossible not to feel inspired and motivated by all the great work happening all around you.

Favorite thing about Austin: How exciting, unique, and opportunity-filled the city is.

Favorite class you have taken at UT: Development of Attachment Relationships with Dr. Repp

Plans after graduation: I plan to continue living in Austin and find some combination of job, internship, or volunteer opportunities related to my interests in child development, family relationships, and nonprofits, figure out the kind of career I’d like to pursue and attend graduate school.